5 gardening tasks to complete in May

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April 30, 2022
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5 gardening tasks to complete in May

With summer approaching, your beautiful garden should get special attention. Plants adore warmth and sunshine, that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised with rapid growth and many gardening tasks to tackle in May. Whether you enjoy a breathtaking flower garden or a simple lawn is what you have opted for, here is how to welcome summer in your garden this year:

Best Gardening Tasks to Complete in May

Watch out for frost Watch Out For Frost

Depending on your region and weather specifics, you might have to be careful with frost, especially when it comes to gentle new growth. Frost in the morning can damage your plants, which is why prevention should be considered. One thing to try against frost damage in May is to cover vulnerable species with horticultural fleece. You can also benefit from some organic mulch you should lay down to prevent the ground from freezing, thus harming plants’ roots. And don’t forget to choose the right planting positions, to begin with. If you have properly selected the best spots for your plants, frost wouldn’t be able to cause serious damage to the plants.

Adopt the right watering habits 

As simple as watering the garden might seem, in fact, the task should be performed smartly, otherwise, your garden might suffer from lack of water or overwatering. Once warm months have arrived, water your plants early in the morning or late at night. This way you will be able to prevent water from evaporating, which is crucial during hot seasons. Given the fact that different species require a different amount of water, supply each plant with the exact amount it needs to thrive. Do your research before planting, so that you can stay on top of watering the garden.

Banish weeds 

It is a constant battle between your pretty plants and weeds – both competing for essential nutrients in order to survive. To keep your garden in excellent shape this May, don’t overlook weed growth, since the invaders usually appear as temperatures spike. How to handle nasty weeds in the garden? Of course, you can rely on store-bought weed killers, yet this is not the healthy way to go. It might seem challenging, but pulling out weeds by hand is healthier for your plants, so try this method instead. While dealing with the task, don’t forget to wear protective gloves to keep your skin safe from injury. Using a hoe or a weed knife is also an option worth considering. Either way, check for weeds weekly, so as to eliminate them on time, before they take control of your garden.Mowing The Lawn

Weekly mowing 

Just like your beautiful flowers and shrubs wake up from the long winter, in May you can expect the lawn to become greener day by day. For that reason, you need to update your mowing routine and take care of the lawn once a week. To facilitate the chore, invest in a quality lawnmower and keep its blades sharp all the time. When mowing, choose the right cutting height, which depends on the sort of grass you have planted.

Control pests 

Slugs and snails emerge during warmer months, but similar to weeds, you don’t want to control them using dangerous chemicals. Speaking of healthier options, you can add copper-based tape around your pots. Doing so will keep hungry snails away from your potted plants, protecting them from damage. As for slugs, just scoop off a melon or an orange and leave it next to the pot. This smart, harmless solution works as a trap for slugs, preventing them from reaching your plants.

Your garden can be picture-perfect all year long. Bear in mind these important gardening tasks to complete in May for a fabulous spring garden.

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