Vacuuming tips that ensure a clean carpet

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Vacuuming tips that ensure a clean carpet

Carpet cleaning is an impossible task without proper vacuuming. This is the simplest and quickest way to get rid of some dust from the fibres of the carpet. Sadly, it is also the one cleaning method that people get wrong so often.

Don’t be one of the people who think there is not that much to the process of vacuuming. It is not as straightforward as some think, despite the fact it is rather easy to work with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming properly is going to get you the clean carpet you desire and address the most dust and dirt from within the fibres. Adopt the following tips if you wish to become effective with the vacuum cleaner.

Establish a vacuuming routineVacuuming Tips That Ensure A Clean Carpet

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to vacuuming is waiting too long. Remember, a carpet or a rug for that matter can hold a tremendous amount of dust and dirt before it even shows. In fact, if you wait till you see the material is too dirty, you are probably already too late. The problem with allowing dust and dirt to accumulate on the carpet is that even a powerful vacuum cleaner will not be able to remove them from within. That is why you should establish a cleaning routine. Work with the vacuum cleaner at least once a week. That ought to address the dirt and dust even in high traffic areas.

Always remove clutter first

One mistake people often make when it comes to vacuuming is not checking for clutter. If there are toys, tools and clothes lying on the ground, you need to remove them. Otherwise, you will only prolong your work and possibly lose some small item to the vacuum cleaner.

Don’t rush

Most people like to rush through vacuuming, simply because they wish to use their time for something else. However, you should not rush. Move the hose slowly so that the machine has time to do its job. If you just speed through the area, you can hardly expect the machine to pick up a lot of dust. Take your time and always move the vacuum cleaner in both directions – back and forth. That will loosen the particles and allow the machine to remove them from the area.

Clean the vacuum cleaner

Don’t forget that your vacuum cleaner will need some cleaning in turn. All that dusting around will likely result in the vacuum cleaner clogging up with dust. Don’t ever allow the vacuum bag or canister to get 100% full. This will reduce suction and only return dust back into the room. Empty the vacuum after 2-3 uses and clean the hose when you get the chance. It will improve the suction power of the vacuum and keep it in good working order.

Pick the right vacuum cleaner

It is hardly ideal to use a small vacuum cleaner, such as a handheld one on large areas of carpet in your home. Similarly, you cannot reach the nooks and crannies of the living room furniture with too big of a vacuum cleaner. Choosing the vacuum cleaner that serves your needs is of utmost importance. Think about the carpeted areas of your home and consider what vacuum cleaner best serves those needs.

Try to be a little preventive

Nothing beats small preventive measures against dust and dirt in your home. After all, this means less vacuuming. Things, like installing a doormat and asking everyone who enters your home to take their shoes off at the door, are just a few examples of preventive measures that can save you a lot of vacuuming effort.

These are all excellent tips for effective vacuum cleaning. You should adopt them all and stay on top of your carpet cleaning duty.

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