Vacuuming or dusting – which should always come first?

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Vacuuming or dusting – which should always come first?

The way you would organise cleaning tasks plays a major role in working out an effective cleaning routine. From scheduling the right moment to complete a chore to choosing a proper order of cleaning jobs, a smart cleaning strategy provides the best results. So what comes first – vacuuming or dusting?

Four Amazing Cleaning Rituals for You to Employ to Make your Home Dust-Free:

Start by removing dust Removing Dust 

Removing dust is a tricky business most people find extremely challenging to cope with. No matter how hard you try, the contaminant always finds its way at home, settling on any surface, most of all – on the floor. As the lowest surface in your place, the floor usually traps the greatest amount of dust. If you eliminate dust by starting with vacuum cleaning the floor, you are making a mistake. That’s because dust settled on higher surfaces will eventually end up on the floor, making your effort in vain. You will have to go over the floors with the vacuum cleaner one more time to collect dust landed in the upper areas. On the other hand, leaving vacuum cleaning as the last chore to deal with means no more pollutants will end up on the floor and you will be able to faster tackle dusting.

Work from top to the bottom 

As mentioned earlier, dust knocked from higher surfaces ends up on lower ones. For that reason, it sounds like common sense that you should always dust from top to the bottom. And upper shelves are not your starting point – it is the ceiling you should focus on first. Just like any other area at home, the ceiling attracts a lot of dust, so eliminate pollution from the ceiling fan, light fixtures and the corners of the ceiling. You can easily cope with the task using your vacuum’s soft upholstery brush. Then continue with the highest parts of furniture, baseboards and the legs of furniture pieces. Wipe those with a clean microfiber cloth. If some surfaces have trapped a huge amount of dust or they’ve been stained, don’t be afraid to use an appropriate cleaner. Just opt for an eco-friendly solution that will guarantee healthy air indoors.

Get rid of clutter Decluttering

Imagine that you have an endless number of knick-knacks in the living room or your kid’s toys are lying around the floor – how much time would you need to spend on dusting? The most efficient tactic to get the job done fast is to keep your place clutter-free. Clutter-makers not only trap dust but also prevent you from easily removing dust from the surfaces they occupy. To neutralise dust at home, declutter your premises. Get rid of ornamental things you don’t use and keep everything you take advantage of at a designated spot. Before you start dusting, look for signs of clutter. Go through every room at your place, including the bathroom and restore order. You can also carry a trash bag with you to collect junk effortlessly. This way dust will be banished before you know it.

Vacuum clean thoroughly 

Once the time has come for you to vacuum clean the floors, make sure you take your time to thoroughly go over every nook with the vacuum. If your floors are carpeted, you might want to spend an extra few minutes vacuuming the surface several times. In case you have the opportunity to relocate furniture to another premise, benefit from it. With a room free from clutter and furniture pieces, you will be able to get access to the entire floor, thus vacuuming the floor like a pro.

Remember to always start with dusting and leave vacuum cleaning for last. This is the right cleaning strategy to minimise dust at home.

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