Six house cleaning mistakes you are probably guilty of

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Six house cleaning mistakes you are probably guilty of

Cleaning Mistakes

When it comes to cleaning, you know that it can be a daunting list of chores that never seem to end. However, some people manage to find comfort in doing it, largely because they have mastered the proper cleaning routine. Eliminating some of the biggest mistakes in cleaning can indeed make you enjoy the activity more, or, at the very least, make it less tiring. So, without further delay, let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes that you need to stop with right now: 

You don’t allow time for your cleaning solutions to workSix House Cleaning Mistakes You Are Probably Guilty Of

This is one of the most popular mistakes, which largely happens because of the false belief that cleaning solutions work like miracles. You spray the surface, wipe immediately, and it starts to sparkle. Well, life is different than what you see in TV commercials. When using any cleaning solutions, you have to allow certain ‘dwell time’, i.e. time it takes the product to work. You will find this a necessity for products that clean grease. There is just no way the product will work if you remove it from the surface immediately. 

You don’t have a cleaning schedule in place

It is always a stressful experience when you need to clean without a plan. It leads to doing random chores, which isn’t productive. Instead, you should take your time to make a cleaning schedule. In it, you will include chores that require attention and plan to address them. This leads to less stress overall and more success with all of your cleaning duties. 

You rely too much on paper towels

While it is true that paper towels are handy, you should not rely on them too much. The trouble with them is the lint they leave behind, which can be just as troublesome as the dirt and debris you want to clean with them. Paper towels don’t do a good job of removing streaks, and they can never replace a good microfibre cloth. That is the tool you should be using for all your cleaning duties. 

You don’t clean your cleaning toolsCleaning Mistakes

Remember, to ensure a clean surface; you need a good cleaning tool. The vacuum, mop, various brushes and brooms all need some TLC from time to time, or else you won’t be doing much in terms of actually cleaning the area. It is safe to say that your cleaning routine is only as effective as the tools you use, which means cleaning them from time to time is a necessity. You should clean the canister of your vacuum cleaner, replace the filter and bag. Clean the tools you use regularly, and they will serve you well. 

You spray dust cleaner on the surface

This one is something a lot of people do regularly. Directly spraying the furniture is a mistake, because it leaves a thin film, which later attracts a lot of dust. Instead, you should always apply the product on your cloth and then wipe the surface. Remember that getting the cloth too wet is not the way to go. 

You neglect the details

You know you have to clean the carpet, but do you also address the small areas in the corners and behind furniture? You don’t always need to deal with them, but at some point, you should invest the time to address them. The same goes for all your cleaning chores – it is the small details that may cause trouble if you are too negligent. 

Now that you know how to address your cleaning mistakes, you can do a better job at home. 

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