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August 27, 2018
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7 no-fuss kitchen cleaning tips

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Your kitchen is probably the most – used and busy room in your house,  and because of that, it needs to be perfectly clean. If you don’t make an effort to clean the space, you risk cross-contamination, which can lead to risks to your health. It may seem like a hassle to clean that room every single day.

You need a clever way to tackle the job, and the following tips bring you that:

  • Hydrogen peroxide to the rescue – if your countertops have accumulated coffee of juice stains, you will need a working solution to remove them. One possible recipe that works wonders is hydrogen peroxide and water. Mix it in a spray bottle and apply on the stained areas.
  • Baking soda for tiled surfaces – if you have tiled floors and backsplash in desperate need of cleaning, you needn’t wonder what solution to use. Baking soda is the perfect candidate for your cleaning efforts. Mix enough baking soda and water to form a paste and use that as a homemade cleaner. Scrub the floor with a string mop and apply the paste on the backsplash area with a toothbrush. The exact measures for a floor cleaner are half a cup of baking soda in 2 gallons of water.
  • Oven cleaning – one more cleaning chore you can use baking soda for is oven cleaning. If the interior of your oven has accumulated a great deal of grease and food residue, you need to mix water and baking soda into a paste. Cover the interior area and leave the solution overnight. It will make the gunk easy to wipe with nothing more than a sponge.Kitchen Cleaning Tips
  • Salt to clean cast iron – cleaning cast iron can be tricky, especially if you have outdone yourself in your cooking efforts. What you can do is add the cleaning process into the cooking in a way. Add two tbsp. oil and heat the pan on medium. When heated enough, add 3 tbsp. salt. Scour the pan with a paper towel and rinse the pan with water, once it has cooled off.
  • Remove wall splatters – sometimes your cooking efforts may result in splatters on the wall. Stains usually fall in one of two categories: water- and oil-borne. The former is easily cleaned with a wet paper towel. As for oily stains, you should use a mild dishwashing detergent with water.
  • Ketchup to the rescue against tarnish – other than your French fries, ketchup can also be used to fix tarnish on brass and copper fixtures, pans and pots. Grab a small cloth, dab some and rub the tarnished item. Rinse with water afterwards.
  • Freshen the microwave – perhaps the fastest way to clean the microwave oven involves wet wipes. Place a few of those inside and run the appliance for 3-5 minutes. The steam coming from the towels will make the gunk soft and thus very easy to remove. When the towels cool down, use them to wipe the interior of the oven.

By using these cleaning tips in your kitchen, you can easily sanitise the place. It will become a clean place that you like to work in.

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