How to clean your apartment in 30 minutes (or less)

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How to clean your apartment in 30 minutes (or less)

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Cleaning is hardly an exciting activity for you, especially when you live in an apartment. Surely you can find something better to do. Alas, there is no denying the fact that you need to deal with cleaning chores, or else you will find living in a messy place to be quite uncomfortable.

But who is to say that cleaning your apartment should take you long or that it should be so challenging? In this article, you will find a viable guide for dealing with the chores in various rooms of your place. Learn how to clean your apartment in 30 minutes or less. 

Just pick up some cleaning essentials and get to it:

How to clean your apartment in 30 minutes or less

  • Cleaning the bedroom – before you do anything, you should first make your bed. This takes no time at all and contributes to the neat look of the room. Afterwards, address any stray clothes on the floor or furniture items around the room. Place them in the laundry or store them where they belong. Check for any other items that don’t belong in your bedroom – perhaps you have a coffee mug left or some empty dish from that breakfast in bed you had yesterday. Addressing the clutter in this room is more than enough to improve the look of the place.
  • Cleaning the bathroom – again, address any clutter lying around the sink and tub ledge. Use a foaming cleanser and spray it on the surfaces. Make sure you leave it for a few minutes to do its job while you attend other chores. Use some glass cleaner for the mirror, or make your own solution with one part water and one part vinegar. Make sure to straighten up your towels and toiletries, so that you get a nice neat look in the place. When you are done, you can get to wiping the bathroom cleaner you applied previously. You will find that it has made things very easy to clean.
  • Cleaning the living room – if by any chance, you have some friends over, you will most likely be spending a lot of time with them in the living room. That is why it is essential you focus on this area. Check out the area for any clutter and remove items that don’t belong there. Get a damp cloth and wipe down the bookshelves, tables and other surfaces in the area. Once you are done, run a vacuum cleaner to pick up the mess on the floor.
  • Cleaning the kitchen – make sure that any dishes you have collected are properly loaded in the dishwasher. Use lemon juice to wipe down the counter top, as it is antibacterial and leaves behind a fresh scent. Wipe down the kitchen table and worktops with an all-purpose spray. Keep in mind that the kitchen is quite the active area, so make sure you clean it before any get-together.

Going through these rooms and addressing the described chores will take you very little time and it will leave them looking clean and tidy.

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