Here is how you keep a house with children clean

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Here is how you keep a house with children clean

Cleaning With Children


There is no doubt that becoming a parent is one of the most exciting moments in your life. But once that dream comes true, your lifestyle will drastically change and you will no longer have your free time all to yourself.

Smart Cleaning Tips for Homeowners who live with Children

Being deprived of your free time will affect the maintenance of your picture-perfect home too, which is why smart cleaning hacks should be applied. In order to banish chaos from your place, use these simple cleaning tips for homeowners who live with children:


With the constant attention your baby requires, there is no wonder why your house is so messy. You simply have less time to take care of chores, which is why you need to cut down on cleaning time. The easiest way for you to achieve that goal is by reducing the amount of surfaces that have to be cleaned. Declutter your place from stuff you never use, because these collect a lot of dust. Furthermore, a clutter-free space allows you to move from one surface to another much faster. Throw away or donate things you no longer need – this rule concerns your kid’s belongings too.Kids Cleaning

Find a place for everything 

Now that you have only stuff you really use, you need to find them a proper home. Whether these will be your kid’s toys or your own cosmetic products, each item should benefit from a designated spot. Once you have figured out a reasonable organisation system, make sure every family member is well-familiar with it. This way you will be able to not only find your stuff in a flash, but control chaos as well.

Make your place child-friendly 

The goal here is to furnish your space in a way that allows your kids to keep it clean. For example, if your little ones can’t open the trash cans with ease, chances are they make your kitchen messy. If they haven’t been provided with proper storage boxes, toys will be lying everywhere around your place. Obviously you should turn your home into a child-friendly zone, so that you can keep it tidy. Once your children are old enough, you can even purchase specially designed cleaning supplies to let your kids participate in chores.

Cleaning With Kids

Never use harsh detergents 

To avoid using chemical-based cleaning products is important at each stage of your life, but now that you share a roof with children, steering clear of toxins is a must. The immune system of your little ones hasn’t developed completely yet, which makes them vulnerable to the harsh ingredients most commercial cleansers contain. In order to ensure a healthy environment for your kids, ditch store-bought cleansers and opt for green cleaning. DIY cleaning mixtures with white vinegar, essential oils or baking soda can tackle any cleaning job and at the same time eco-friendly solutions pose no threat to the well-being of your precious children.

Clean every day 

You might think that living with kids makes daily cleanups impossible, but that’s not really true. All you have to do is to spend 15-20 minutes on cleaning every day, so as to preserve your home sparkly clean. Once you adopt this cleaning approach, you will notice a huge difference in the way your space presents itself. If you are used to handling chores on the weekends, chances are your home stays messy all week long. On the contrary, getting over with a few chores daily means a sparkly clean place by the end of the week. Given the fact that your children will contribute to the chaos you are going to face, dusting or vacuum cleaning on a daily basis is a method you should consider.

No one can argue the fact that kids bring so much happiness to your life. Make the most of these cleaning tips, so that you can enjoy every minute with your little ones in the comfort of your perfectly arranged, sparkly clean home.

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