End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for Optimal Results

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for Optimal Results

The first thing you need to do is to ensure you have read your tenancy agreement. It will stipulate how the house needs to be left when you decide to move out. Any damage caused by you or during the tenancy needs to be fixed before moving out. If you don’t, the landlord will have the right to address the issue and send you the bill. In most cases, they will propose that the landlord is deducted from the deposit.

  • Remove items from shelves and cupboards. You need to ensure you get rid of any stains and crumbs inside, then pull out any appliances and wipe them behind and beneath them.Remove Items From Shelves And Cupboards
  • You need to ensure you clean the washing machine and dishwasher well, removing any built-up dirt or grime.
  • Next up, you should clean your refrigerator inside and out, ensuring you get all racks, fridge trays and cabinet shelves out and soak them in soapy water. Dry and place them in the fridge; then, when you leave, turn the appliance off and leave the doors open to stop mould from forming.
  • Cleaning the oven is the next step you need to take. The oven is often the first item being checked during the inspection. Whether your oven has a lot of grime inside, dust or burnt food bits, you need to give it a good cleaning before you move out.
  • If you feel like the cleaning is too much, you can get a professional cleaning company to handle it. This will save you time and energy, as deep cleaning a whole apartment or house can be difficult.
  • After this, you need to handle two main tasks: dusting and cleaning your carpets. Giving the carpet a good vacuum cleaning is a start. If you have any remaining stains, you will need to consider hiring a professional to deal with them or renting an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean your windows inside and out, and if you can’t reach them on the outside, then you should get the help of a professional window cleaner instead.
  • Check the walls of the property for any scuff marks and skirting boards. You should do your best to wash them off. If that doesn’t quite work, you should try to paint them over the same colour. You may need to paint the entire wall if you have several marks. You should only do that with the agreement of your landlord.Vacuum The Furniture
  • Vacuum the furniture and wash it using a dry wash solution. You need to ensure no stains, odours, or hair are present.
  • Check the curtains and their labels. If they are machine washable, you should give them a spin. Check for dust on the curtain rods and the fabric rollers blinds of the property. If your home has Venetian blinds, then make sure both sides of the slats are clean. If the blinds are damaged, get them repaired or replaced.
  • Take care of the staircase and hallways, as these areas will get a lot of traffic in and out, so get them cleaned.
  • The garden is another important area, assuming your home has one. You will need to sweep up any leaves, maintain the flower beds and mow the lawn if you have to. Meeting all the cleaning demands will put you in a better position when getting your security deposit back. Make sure you get things done before you move forward with your life.

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