How to clean your oven the eco-friendly way?

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October 17, 2018
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How to clean your oven the eco-friendly way?

Oven Cleaning Tips

There are hardly any household chores more bothersome than oven cleaning. This has been proven time and time again by surveys with people, and it seems the trend is here to stay. Part of the reason why you may feel the same way is that you don’t know how to clean your oven effectively. Sure, you can go to the store and purchase some brand oven cleaner, but is that really the best way to approach the task?

According to many experts, there may be a better solution, coming in the face of baking soda. Cleaning with baking soda is nothing new. A lot of people have tried the remarkable power of this pantry staple and found that it works. You too can do so in regards to oven cleaning.

Here is how to do it:

  • Clear out some space – since you will be cleaning within the confines of the oven, you don’t want anything to get in your way. Remove the racks and every other item currently in the oven – pizza stone, thermometer, etc. That way you will be able to work without any obstructions.
  • Mix your cleaner – what you need for the job is some baking soda and water. Mix together till you get a paste-like compound. You will want a nice, thick consistency, which allows for easy spreading inside the oven. Don’t make the paste too soggy or too dry. It may take some time to get it right, but it is not difficult to get the right proportions.
  • Eco Friendly Oven CleaningSpread the mix inside – now is the time to get to work. You may want to get some latex gloves for this next part. Using your fingers, spread the baking soda paste all over the oven interior, paying particular attention to the most soiled areas. You want to reach every nook and cranny, and possibly even cover your oven door, if it is soiled.
  • Leave the solution overnight – once you have covered the interior of the oven with baking soda paste, let the solution sit overnight. You can use this time to clean the racks if they are dirty. Soak them in your sink or bathtub and scrub them gently till the grease falls off them.
  • Time to clean the oven – when enough time has passed, it is time to remove the baking soda paste. You can do so with a damp towel or cloth, or perhaps even a spatula. If there are any areas of the oven that are particularly soiled, you can add white vinegar. It will react with the baking soda and dissolve the problem area. As you clean the baking soda, you will find that the interior is pristine clean.

This pretty much sums it all up. As you can see, the method for cleaning with baking soda is rather simple. It is an excellent way to clean the oven, because it involves no chemicals, and still gets the job done.

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