7 eco-friendly cleaning tips to try out right now

7 Eco Friendly Cleaning Tips To Try Out Right Now
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April 1, 2021
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7 eco-friendly cleaning tips to try out right now

7 Eco Friendly Cleaning Tips To Try Out Right Now

As fast-paced as your lifestyle is, chances are you count on powerful commercial cleansers to make tedious chores easier to handle. The efficiency of store-bought solutions, however, comes with a flaw – they are based on toxins that sometimes pose a serious threat to your health.

Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Quite the opposite, eco-friendly cleaning methods are safe to benefit from on a daily basis. In order to make sure your home will be protected from harmful pollutants, try these gentle cleaning techniques right away: 

Apply baking soda 

Instead of reaching for a chemical-based cleanser whenever an oily accident occurs on the carpet, tackle the mess with baking soda. This natural ingredient has numerous cleaning applications around the house that are not limited to treating carpet spillages. Whether you are faced with unpleasant upholstery odour or your rug requires decent refreshment, baking soda is what should come to the rescue. An abrasive scrubbing paste of baking soda and water can leave your kitchen sink or greasy oven squeaky clean.Window Cleaning

Clean the windows naturally 

Spotless windows are a must for any well-maintained home, so sanitise yours with an eco-friendly mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. In a spraying bottle, mix equal amounts of both substances and apply the solution on your windows. Use some paper towels to wipe the surface clean and you will obtain stain-free windows in a flash. This wonderful cleaning mixture can be utilised for maintaining any glass surfaces at your place, like your mirrors or the coffee table.

Disinfect the grout 

In addition to collecting lots of grime, that special area between your bathroom tiles attracts mould as well. In order to rest assured your home is a safe place to live, banish dangerous mould from the grout naturally. Grab an empty spraying bottle and mix an equal ratio of white distilled vinegar and carbonated water. For extremely stubborn mould, make your eco-friendly cleanser even more efficient by adding two parts of baking soda. You will get a slightly abrasive paste that should stay on the grout for about 15 minutes before you scrub off with a stiff brush.

Maintain the dishwasher 

If you are used to relying on store-bought tabs to sanitise your dishwasher, you don’t have to stick to that cleaning routine any longer. Instead, empty the appliance and place a bowl with two cups of white vinegar on the top rack. Run a single cycle, so that the ingredient can rid the dishwasher of nasty germs and lingering smells.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning

Refresh the toilet bowl 

It’s a chore you don’t enjoy addressing, but with the help of baking soda and white vinegar your toilet bowl will become bacteria-free effortlessly. First, take a box of baking soda and sprinkle a generous amount in the toilet bowl. Let the ingredient sit for at least 1 hour, then pour a cup of white vinegar. Unless severely contaminated, the toilet bowl will sparkle once you flush it. If you are faced with tough stains, scrub the bowl with a brush before flushing.

Brighten your laundry 

A single cup of baking soda can work wonders in the laundry room. Next time you are about to do your laundry, add a cup of baking soda to the washing machine, so that you can safely eliminate trapped odours from your clothes, as well as make them softer and brighter.

Opt for a lemon 

Your new eco-friendly cleaning routine should no doubt take advantage of the disinfecting potential lemons offer. Keep a few lemons in the fridge and reach for them when microwave disinfection is ahead of you or hard water stains have affected your faucets. For a sparkly clean microwave, add a few slices of lemon to a bowl filled with water and heat the mixture for about 5 minutes. When it comes to dealing with water deposits, simply address the stains with lemon juice, but let the natural ingredient sit on the treated areas for at least 15 minutes before you scrub them.

You might think that employing eco-friendly cleaning hacks is a time-consuming undertaking, but in fact natural approaches are simple to depend on. As long as you hold on to green cleaning, you will get the chance to disinfect your home not only quickly, but safely as well.

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