The golden rules of cleaning you should always follow

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September 16, 2019
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The golden rules of cleaning you should always follow

House Cleaning Advice

Cleaning can be bothersome and time-consuming task, which you will likely put off until you can do so no longer. That is not the approach you want to follow since a clean environment is essential for your wellbeing. Instead of slacking off, you should follow some of the proven cleaning rules, which will help you deal with the task quickly and effectively. 

House Cleaning AdviceAlways clean up sooner, rather than later

Whether it be a glass of wine you accidentally spill on the carpet, or perhaps you splatter a little toothpaste on the bathroom sink, it is a good idea to tackle the issue straight away. This is always the case for stains, which can become impossible to deal with unless you act fast. Bear in mind there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as mud, which you should only clean if it is dry. 

Do the dry cleaning and then wet

Whenever you start cleaning a room, always do the tasks that require dry cleaning. Sweeping, dusting and vacuuming are usually the jobs you should do before you bust out the mops and furniture polish. In doing it this way, you will have less dirt floating around the place and clinging to wet surfaces. 

Always try with the least harmful approach

Whatever it is you are cleaning, start gently. There is hardly any reason to bust out the heavy-duty cleaners, if you can get away with cleaning the area with something simple, such as a wet rag. Likewise, using natural cleaning solutions to see if they work is a good idea. 

Follow the ‘top-to-bottom’ cleaning direction

Trying to oppose gravity as you clean, is not a wise thing to do. Every time you start cleaning a room, start from the highest point and work your way towards the bottom. In doing so, you will ensure that any dust that falls off from higher points will eventually end up on the lower levels, where you will get a chance to clean it later. 

The Golden Rules Of Cleaning You Should Always FollowAllow your cleaning products to do their job

Whenever you use a cleaning solution on a surface, remember to leave it there for a few minutes, unless otherwise directed. That way, it will have enough time to do its job. This is particularly important for cleaning appliances in the kitchen and surfaces in the bathroom. 

Bring your supplies with you

Instead of wasting time going from one room to another to bring the cleaners you need, it is better to just have everything with you. A cleaning caddy or a large enough bucket are both great for keeping everything you need at hand and save you some effort in the cleaning process. An apron with big enough pockets can also do the job. 

Always aim to test a cleaning product first

In doing so, you ensure that you will not harm the surface you are using it on. Not all cleaning compounds are safe, especially if you are using them to address a big mess. Pick some spot that is usually out of sight and test the product there. If there are no side effects, proceed with the cleaning process. 

Read all instructions

To avoid causing any damage, always read the manufacturer’s instructions. The label of any product should contain guidelines on how to best utilise it. Follow the tips and instructions outlined there for best results. 

Following all of these rules is important to ensure that you stay on top of your cleaning duties with ease. 

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